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Faith Journal
October 4, 2012 by

The Southern Cross Faith Journal encourages you to spend a little time each week reflecting on your life and your faith.

Your Faith Journal can help you do this. It suggests a theme and selects a related verse from the scriptures or an inspiring quote to guide your reflections. Spend a little time thinking how it relates to you at the moment. Record your thoughts. Suggest some action. Compose a prayer.

Return to the Journal regularly. Over the course of a week, for example, you will be surprised how your thinking develops. The themes and the quotations are just signposts.

Where your reflections ultimately lead is up to you.

But then it is your journey and it is unique – like you are.

1-30 copies = $6.95 each
31 – 100 copies = $6.50 each
100 + copies = $5.95 each

210 x 148mm, 96 pages, Paperback, coil bound


Mirrabooka Press

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